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RODOH is: Real Open-Debate on the Holocaust. For Believers, Deniers, Defenders, and Skeptics.

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The RODOH Discussion Forum is OPEN for business once again. 01 NOV 2021.

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"This free-speech forum is predicated upon the idea that the other side is worthy of real open-debate, regardless of who the other side is."

NOTICE - 01 NOV 2021 -

UPDATE | The new RODOH Board is now active!

We have been shut down since August 5 because of a personal crisis with our former SysOp, who is unfortunately unable to return. We intend to archive his copy of the old RODOH forum when he is able to get it to us.

Please join us. You will need to >>
| ENTER THE RODOH DISCUSSION FORUM | by clicking the button above, create a new USER Login at the board, and then make a brief introductory post about yourself.

In order to reduce trolling and sockpuppetry, there is a brief probationary status until you have posted a few times before you will get full member privileges. Please tell us in your introduction if you are a previous RODOH poster and we can fast-track your status as a trusted poster.

This is a new board created from scratch with a new SysOp, so please be patient as we work out the bugs. Feel free to bring anything to my attention at my e-mail address below. Thank You! |

We started the RODOH forum in May of 2003. Our unique free-speech discussion board was deplatformed circa 2012, fitfully restarted, and the forum lasted until 04 AUG 2021. This will be the 3rd complete iteration of Real Open-Debate. We hope that you can join us! |

Thanks for your interest in the RODOH Forum. RODOH is a free-speech forum rather than either a Revisionist or a non-Revisionist site.

We know that the primary subject matter covered here may be extremely controversial and even taboo. Hopefully this will not deter an open and honest exchange of ideas. Perhaps our lofty motto above about free-speech and open-debate reflects an overly ambitious goal, but a message forum is only as good as its participants make it, and free-speech may not always be pretty. The RODOH administration and management are interested in answering questions and hearing any constructive criticism.

Please send comments or concerns to my administrative e-mail with the word " RODOH " in the subject line ( SLSm1701@yahoo.com ).

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